Black Clover Episode 10 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 10 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 10 Subbed
Episode Title – “Those Who Protect”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – Those Who Protect

  • seveneightnine nineeightsevenb


  • dumb fuck

    So is there an actual demon in him or is the grimoire just a symbol or soething as of a demon?

    • Wallers

      He has a demon inside of him

      • dumb fuck

        Im also gussing that in his demon state he can use mana as a twist, because in episode 1 they state he has no mana at all, later on in the series they hint out he has a little mana by saying they BARELY sense any from him and plus the show would eventually get bland if all he had was a sword and thats it.

        • Furoki Fur

          Yeah I’m guessing he’s going to gain more nonmagical abilities or at least “items”

          • dumb fuck

            I was thinking more of demon magic but thats fine

          • BloodieWolfie

            you guys are smart gj

  • Zed

    Here I am once again 😛

  • The Red King

    8 MORE MIN!!!!!!!

  • Wolfy


  • Wolfy


  • hrithik jho

    Stalker Bird:The Movie

  • Ali Can Uçar

    I dont follow what is that bird doing inside astra

    • BloodieWolfie


  • Obitobito

    How to win a fight?
    Scream louder than the other person ^^

  • just me


  • Furoki Fur

    Is it bad I think I know who the antagonist is already…also this anime is pretty good so far

    • BloodieWolfie

      or do you? xD

  • dumb fuck

    the first example of what an elite person with magical powers can do and it dissapoints us, instead we see a cop out cheap win and how good the weak magic knights can be… just really dissapointing, the only real time we got to see how powerful he was, was by him being a old man in the fog… oh also his ice powers are strong enough to block magical swords but thats besides the point its just a really underwhelming battle of seeing how powerful elite magicians can be

    • dumb fuck

      They could’ve executed this so many better ways, his someone could’ve been flying by and noticed a magical fog to investigate, this also could’ve been a gateway to a new character that wasn’t even featured in the manga, the leader doing a deus ex machina would’ve even been better and you coul’ve also seen how powerful he actually is(probably him sucking up to the old man or some other stupid reason would’ve been better) they also dont have any contact magic or anything? It just seems so stupid, and the fact that we see him winning this stupid battle lets us know he’ll pull off more stupid shit like this and it was very obvious that he was going to deflect, they did it before and when he keeps mentioning his ultimate attack he keeps yelling out asta’s name so its very blatant and predictable, also they know magic items exists but dont search for their bodies or anything, like seriously they 100% know what a magic item is but dont expect them to use it, i mean like its clearly not binded to him this isn’t a mmorpg after all. This episode and series could’ve been so much more but they decide not to and make it very bland, which is why i give up on this series at episode 10 which is really sad but gives a solid confirmation of what’s going to keep happening OVER AND OVER again

  • Demetric Landers

    Anime is just so relatable because the stuff that happens to me in real life happens in anime

    • GearsofTime

      You’ve got magical swords and the ability to control ice and sh*t….GIVE ME YOUR LIFE NOWW!!!!