Black Clover Episode 14 Dubbed

Black Clover Episode 14 Dubbed

=======>Black Clover Episode 14 Dubbed is Online<=======

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  • Dylan Myers

    where’s the episode

  • Hero_of_Time_507

    “Black Clover Episode 14 Dubbed will be online when the Countdown given below Reaches 0.”

    *sees that the countdown is at 0 and has been for a while now*

    • NekuWitTheDraco

      I read somewhere that the anime is taking a one ep break, bt not 100% on that but when I searched black clover on Google it said EP 14, 8/01/2018

      • Hero_of_Time_507

        I see. I remember that there was a delay back when the sub for this episode was supposed to come out, but I didn’t think that would affect when the dub comes out. I do know that since I posted my initial comment, however, I saw people saying that Funimation hadn’t announced any kind of release for it yet. Will honestly be pissed if they decide to end the dub at 13 episodes, though. -.-

        • NekuWitTheDraco

          Probably not since the timer on this site and kissanime is still counting down

  • Pete Bechamp

    Chill guys the episode will be dubed next week source Funamation

  • MightyRadler

    waited for sooo long just to see how they enter that place…. this anime has bigger hangclifers then dbz

    • Zelig Odd Chap Northover

      pretty sure it’s clifhangers mate

    • Joshua Hering

      its also than

      • logan

        you really are that much of a grammar nazi honestly ppl like you make chats the worst

        • Joshua Hering

          Lol says the guy looking through comments from 3 weeks ago just to start an argument.

  • roronoa zoro

    Wish they could release 2 each week…

  • Phillip Chindia

    Luck is one of those guys

  • Phillip Chindia

    Yuno and Asta, Dungeon, Goldew Dawn and Bulls, this is gonna be good.

  • Drakaus Demon

    Did the force tell anybody else to check the anime it told me.

  • why ans i was just having fun watching this, suddenly it started to look like i am watching HENTi