Black Clover Episode 17 Dubbed

Black Clover Episode 17 Dubbed

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  • Gscott Willer

    Best episode yet

  • Christos
  • Primal-Senpai

    When that Crystal dude said “You’re in my way” That reminded so much of Gaara with the voice,the attitude and everything

    • Primal-Senpai

      And plus I’m think I’m going to the subbed version because I can’t take anymore clifhangers and suspense

      • roronoa zoro

        Good Luck…I still can’t handle asta’s jap voice…way too loud

  • Pete Bechamp

    I was sooooo waiting for Asta to get a new spell or shout Rasinsurikan LOL

  • XD

    Begone THOT! I mean PEBBLE

  • Star1

    What’s with these ads I can’t even click the video

  • John

    Best Episode so far

  • 16Pains

    i just really wish asta didnt look like natsu from fairy tail but with grey hair

  • roronoa zoro

    Time to train like a beast…I may not be able to do magic…but I will be the callisthenics king!

  • Phillip Chindia

    Yuno and Asta are brothers because of their love and encouragement when they were small

    Sasuke and Naruto are brothers because of their intense rivarly when growing up.
    Two different quads