Black Clover Episode 17 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 17 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 17 Subbed
Episode Title – “Destroyer”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – Destroyer

  • YAH’sJewsAreBlack

    Salvation is for everyone who excepts YAHUSHA as there savior & The real Jews are black. That is all

  • Anon Null

    The unnecessary long recap smh.

    • Archie

      they do this every episode, always eats into show time.

  • Gabriel Latuza Badaguas

    hmm i think asta is related to saitama cuz he just 1 shot that MARS.

    • Prince Seni

      he made Mars his bitch lol

  • Kettei

    This entire episode was Asta saying, “Hold my beer”.

  • Archie

    Great episode. The next one will be really good!

  • Jakub Hloušek

    I love asta !!

  • shiv pratap

    Starting 5 last 2.5 and mid .5 recap total 8 mim recap

  • Malek Agha


  • DBZ Sama

    its official Asta OP as fuck XD

  • FreaksForAkeno

    i just really want asta to finally have a result like Guts, where he swings his oversized sword and accidentally cuts someone clean in half. it is so pleasant currently, given he is hitting people with a huge ass blade

    • Tristan Farley

      Asta’s sword can only cut magic it becomes dull hitting anything else

      • FreaksForAkeno

        Ok then I want the blunt trauma to crush someone’s ribcage or crack skulls, he swings that thing hard and there should be hard consequences

  • Kyory Chan

    asta is tha bestttt <3
    he is my spirit animal

  • devil walker

    asta vs onepunch man who will win?
    my vote asta

    • Bobby Jeo

      … obviously saitama? he’s faster, stronger, and just overall better. Don’t get me wrong, I like asta a lot more as a character, but saitama is exponentially stronger than asta

    • Darioush Rahnama

      there is no proof yet that he is also that strong when fighting non-magical opponents. i think seitama would beat asta, i wonder what happens if asta would battle ichigo from bleach theres more : are alucards (helsing) capabilities magic? naruto magic? (not quite sure if chakra is magic, or if astas sword cares 😛 ) that case same for ki in DBZ,

      besides from all these, how would asta even stand up to guts from berserk? the list is quite endless once you start & asta is still lacking experience. well see where this all goes 🙂

      • dumb fuck

        Asta is weak af, he’s only strong because of his sword. He’s probably even weaker then rock lee as a kid imo, the speed feats rock lee has are way faster, rock lee could easily dodge jutsus, had harder training, more techniques, etc

        • Mia

          Agreed. Reminds me of Kamijou Touma from “Toaru Majutsu no Index.” Imagine if a magician trained their body as much as Asta has? I suspect the leader of the black bulls has. There goes his “cheat” ability. I’m sure their going to add more cheat abilities later.

    • Calvin Fraser

      It’s dumb to even try and compare. Saitama is made for the sole purpose of being ridiculously overpowered, hence the name “One punch man”. Where as Astra is made to be a character that has room to develop, grow and overall has a different purpose.

      As for other characters, it’d be unfair to compare. Asta has yet to even begin to develop his strength and is mainly suited for fighting characters in his own universe. Not other universes, as the differences create disadvantages.

      Like for Naruto, Rock Lee has the advantage of still being able to develop specific skills that use his hand-to-hand training, without the need of traditional Jutsu(Magic using mana/chakra). Asta on the other hand, has no such skills, as this universe is primarily devoted to magic(Using the mana). Thus, he would be strong in such a universe where magic is everything, but not so in a universe where there are forms of magical powers like Taijustu.

  • Sev

    Im so hyped for when asta gets a new Ability with his grimoire. That’s gonna be sick

  • usman jamal

    Man this episode was fucking too awesome………and i think there are no words for me to say to Asta…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Jibril


  • Yadi

    I can’t wait for the next ep!

  • Op4Life

    Maybe asta need to sharpen his sword. It’s so rusty that he can’t cut people just freaking beat them down all the time