Black Clover Episode 18 Dubbed

Black Clover Episode 18 Dubbed

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  • TheCheeseCake

    Was a great episode. I’m curious to see what that swords does exactly, that was a pretty cool attack at the end. “Did he just borrow her power?” Maybe, perhaps that’s what that sword does. However, it didn’t come out of his grimoire, it’s gonna suck if he has to carry it around all the time

    • Jessica Rameshwar

      Everything about him is mysterious but remember that fight he had with the guy with the chains. If i remember correctly, he borrowed that guy’s magic too.

    • Steven Loulan

      so a theory on that is so you know how they learn new spells and then they show up in the grimoire. well maybe for asta its a little different as in whenever he finds a new sword it will be stored on a different page or something because that would be interesting

  • roronoa zoro

    @06:41 Feel sorry for anyone who watched that bit in the subbed one! Can’t stand japanese asta’s screaming! XD

  • roronoa zoro

    This anime is too sick

    • Phillip Chindia

      Yup, But its fun