Black Clover Episode 18 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 18 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 18 Subbed
Episode Title – “Memories of You”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – Memories of You

  • Abhishek Mishra

    first to comment yes..

  • Lado Leza


  • Dilip


  • ruth

    ♥️ 3rd

  • Ran Mouri

    that was so good

  • DarkZ


  • Sev


  • Da wae!

    Damn now I gotta wait 6 fuckin days till the next one, this anime is simply to good i honestly can’t wait!!!

  • Trust Williams

    Though it’s good, I dislike how long it takes to start and most of the episode was reminiscing about the past.. “Sigh”

  • dumb fuck

    damn mars is gaara basically he is an outside factor of the 4 elements, with a different form. and his lover tried to assassinate him…. also he was forced experimented (shukaku) from a young age

    • orson tamin

      It’s not a forced experiment actually. He was chosen and he agreed.

      • dumb fuck

        they also dont give up easily and have ptsd,hedoesn’t bothering moving/dodging due to his defence, they freak out when at a loss he also seems like he will kill his own king and become king but that’s just speculation

        • orson tamin

          Let’s just watch the anime aight? Then we’ll see if you change your views. 😉

    • Amro Sinawi

      for a dumb fuck, that was a pretty good analysis 😉

  • dumb fuck

    so how do recovery mages become a magic knight? they would fail in offense and in the pvp round which would cripple them in the recruitments… so how do they get into magic knights?

    • orson tamin

      I don’t think royals (in which Mimosa is) enter the entrance exams. If I’m not mistaken, Noelle was not in the entrance exam. Royals are born with immense mana so I don’t think they need to enter.

      For commoners tho, I’m not sure but you don’t necessarily have to win the PvP to become a Magic Knight. Asta won his fight against Sekke Bronzazza but no captain except Yami (mind you that Black Bulls was the worst at that time). Sekke on the other hand got accepted into Green Mantis. The captains doesn’t care if you win or lose because you can always improve. What they look in a Magic Knight is potential.

      • Raul Valdez

        Sekke Bronzazza was a royal though

        • orson tamin


      • The Red King

        Noelle was in the entrance exam but she stayed hidden from the crowd

      • dumb fuck

        winning is a huge factor within the recruitment because it shows how skilled you are in using your abilities, obviously you can show it in a few other ways but pvp is the best way due to them seeing your abilities and skills. Besides sekke was excepted to the worst team, though that’s just from his perspective, because it seems like black bulls might be the worst or the second worst due to their reputation in how villagers avoid them and how they have a terrible base. Anyways due to recovery mages showing no other skills other then being able to ride a broom they don’t have much going for them

        • orson tamin

          You got some facts wrong there, buddy. Green Mantis is NOT the worst team. Sekke got accepted into the squad with the 6TH highest stars (9 squads in total). Black Bulls however, is the WORST. The only squad with NEGATIVE STARS. Asta DEFEATED Sekke, but NO captain chose him (Asta). Yet, Sekke lost INSTANTLY but got accepted into Green Mantis squad.

          Jack The Ripper (captain of the Green Mantis) saw POTENTIAL in Sekke that’s why he chose him. On the other hand, no other captains (except Yami, mind you Black Bulls is still the worst at that time) wants Asta DESPITE HIM WINNING THE PVP against Sekke. They didn’t see any potential in Asta, that’s why Asta didn’t get chosen. You don’t actually have to win in order to be in a Magic Knight Squad.

          So, Potential >>>>>>> Winning the PvP.

          As the series goes on, you’ll understand what I’m talking about since I already read until the latest chapter for the manga.

          • dumb fuck

            orson you do notice the entire point of asta getting accepted is because he won the pvp, i didn’t say its guaranteed win i just said it’s a huge factor if no one saw his abilities/pvp didn’t even exist he wouldn’t have gotten accepted.

  • dumb fuck

    so why does’t he just free his friends?

    • orson tamin

      He doesn’t have the time to, he was too focused on saving Noelle and Mimosa. He arrived just in time to defend those two. If he went to free the other Magic Knights first, Mimosa and Noelle would be killed. Asta prioritized saving Noelle and Mimosa.

      • dumb fuck

        all he had to do was slice him then slash the crystals, he was fast enough to catch up to him im sure freeing them is no hassle

  • instigatorv2

    need to work on your dodge asta

  • Nicke

    One of the cheapest anime I have ever watched. Power-ups out of nowhere, stupid dialogues etc. Rich people and poor people, “want to prove that I can become “king” even tho Im no one” come on this shit is way too old.

    – Naniiii ? my friend ? I will get power-up from a writer in a second and u are dead now ! lel.. pathetic. And by dead I mean knocked out… with fucking gigantic sword thats supposed to cut a rock once hit lands.
    It started out not bad tho, had some potential, sadly it turned out to be just another disappointment.

  • Jakub Hloušek

    Wow, epic episode guys, i cant wait on next

  • Xmas

    Now Yuno about to unlock that ultra instinct from asta getting hurt n beat the shit outta of Mars.

  • Johnathan Newson

    thats what asta deserves

  • Johnathan Newson

    being a dumbass