Black Clover Episode 2 Dubbed

Black Clover Episode 2 Dubbed

=======>Black Clover Episode 2 Dubbed is Online<=======

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 2 Dubbed
Episode Title – “The Boys’ Promise”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – The Boys’ Promise

  • The Art of Darkness

    awesome anime the dub is awesome… Sunday nights are gonna be awesome again

    • ☲ YOUNG KAIDO ☲


  • Jason Miller

    Episodes 1 and 2 are switched around.

  • Reaper

    I’ve heard some pretty bad things about this anime.
    But from what I can see right now it’s actually good!

  • Blake Dunow

    I also heard that this was a bad anime, but it is pretty good so far

  • Eric James East

    The japanese version is bad….just because he is nothing but autistic screeching lol It is literally unbearable. But the dub isn’t that bad.

  • Lingo

    When I was 5 years old I couldn’t speak that well