Black Clover Episode 2 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 2 Subbed

=======>Black Clover Episode 2 Subbed is Online<=======

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 2 Subbed
Episode Title – “The Boys’ Promise”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – The Boys’ Promise

  • Gill

    can’t wait

  • you nawwwmee

    boi it broke

  • Omar Ayach

    I ddin’t come here for a flashback episode ;-;

    • Franklyn Emenyeonu


      • Omar Ayach

        Ye this ain’t naruto

    • Mark Joseph Roque

      It is called character development, just read the manga if you want more…

      • Omar Ayach

        I will read the manga, if the anime cacthes my attention that is, also character development if this kind does not *need* a whole episode flashback

  • Jessie Dela Cruz


  • Eesher Stubbs

    is there gonna be a season 2 ?

    • Jose R

      this season has barely started. most likely there with because the black clover manga is super popular in japan but maybe chill out a bit until after this season is over(they’ll most likely anounce it then or wait a season to release the next one)

  • justsayingcanadian

    dumb episode …

  • Languinus Valahius

    Too much exposition, but i guess it’s kinda needed.

  • Silvergamez

    Why I need to read the manga again

  • אופק משולם

    I fucking hate asta’s voice actor

    • Comedy Man

      Then deal with it.

  • Colorless Oz

    Reasons why it isn’t like naruto:
    BOTH orphans from BIRTH
    no “Sakaras” yet in sight
    Both are friends to each other despite the gap in abilities
    Though the boy is an orphan and has no magical abilities, he has a group of people who love and care for him, and younger kids who still get along with him
    the town doesn’t hate him, just make fun of his weakness ( though until further info is released, it doesn’t seem like a big part of his ” Horrible backstory” yet)

  • DudeGuy

    Oh hey, it’s Natsuto Midoriya and Bakuske Fullbuster

    • [-Blank-]

      😂😂😂😂😂 Ha Ha Ha !!!
      that is funny as hell !!!
      i can’t breath !

  • Chao Duckie

    ova covered the first 2 episodes……..

  • 94TillAMillie

    its only fuckin episode 2 and they want to recap us of episode 1

  • Maximiliano Flores

    Narutsu All Might shows ok character development and i didnt mind the flashback. Great quality and feels right at home with the other shonen.

  • Cookie

    I wanna see sister lily’s tits so bad

    • ItachiSensei


  • Moshy Smith

    They give us the a flashback though, a flashback of annoying Asta to Sister Lily. lol.

  • Wolf Believer


  • Wolf Believer


  • Pieter Rademan

    not supported format ?

  • CaptainCunt

    Spoiler alert: Neither of them become king.