Black Clover Episode 20 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 20 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 20 Subbed
Episode Title – “Assembly at the Royal Capital”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – Assembly at the Royal Capital

  • Holly Arkell

    Can’t wait!

  • Din Din

    can i ask favor ?

    how long release this anime black clover episode 20 to 25 ?

    • Ahmed Hussein

      No actually more than 50 and guess what … there will be alot more seasons to come also. Its a long ime

      • Aayush Shakya

        exactly 51 ep

    • Natsu Dragneel Z


    • Calamity777


  • eagle slayer 7 thakuri

    5 hour 20 min soo far exciting


    why me ? according to count down it always becomes available at my house tea time, if i leave dinning table again i will be banned to use laptop , android , pc for a week .

    • Calamity777

      I feel bad for you. You must live through harsh rules. I had to do the same when I was living with my grandparent a few years ago XD.

      • SFS KING

        i have found a way to overcome this situation and that is. Among video options click on hd after loading of video right click and it will give save video option then download video and yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! when you go back to your room you have black clover episode x in downloads ;D . however you still cannot watch it in time though it saves your time becasue in my country internet speed is too slow

        • Calamity777

          oh, at least it works. XD

  • Natsu Dragneel Z

    first one watching

  • Travis Hunter

    Now is when the fun begins

    • Natsu Dragneel Z

      i agree

  • Ran Mouri

    this episode was so good

    • The best way to kill

      IKR 🔥😍

      • Ran Mouri

        i want more

  • Mohamed Hassan

    How much I love it it’s so interesting

  • Mohamed Hassan

    Looking forward till next episode

    • Natsu Dragneel Z

      ay sir BTW did you watch fairy tail

      • Mohamed Hassan

        Yeah I did that show was good I can’t wait till they make a new season maybe they won’t but I just hope they will

        • Natsu Dragneel Z

          they will do you really dont know that the show will begin on 2018 aprile or foword

          • Abdulla Ali

            Yh and attack on Titan on summer wait fairy tail is getting another season.i wished bleach had

          • Natsu Dragneel Z

            i might as well wish for HUNTERXHUNTER

  • Inslander Wessette

    still the best anime of spring for me .

    • Truemetal

      for me to !

  • Nas Mohamed

    My magic is to make my glasses sparkle xD LMAO

  • Thomas Ramskov Lindstrøm

    Way to go Asta, tell those snobs whats what.

  • Natsu Dragneel Z

    is the wizerd king asta s father

    • mrkennyfernand

      WOW WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? I WOULD THINK NOT! im leaning towards the the thing that the wizard king killed!

      • Natsu Dragneel Z

        but he calld them with defrent names is he ther father our a friend of ther father

        • Tyrone Bonghanoy

          William=leader of Golden Dawn; Yami=leader of Black Bulls

      • Dor Davidson

        yuno is the son of the wizard king, asta is a secret i prefer not to tell yet 🙂 .

        • Magnerath

          Wow good job with the spoilers dumb fuck

    • The best way to kill

      How do you know that?

      • Calamity777

        Lol. All of them are way off. Probably the worst predictions I’ve ever read in awhile.

  • Avinashreddy Pakala

    i think some hidden power is the reason why noelle is not able to control her powers well as it is destabilizing her normal magic flow; the day she unleashes it she would very quickly match upto the level of asta, until then astas powers will grow at a much faster rate than noelle’s.

    • Gustavo

      It ain’t….. The truth is…
      *(spoiler ahead)*
      Psychological trauma from her siblings… That is… It is all emotions build up

    • iyandre

      nah i think its because she’s not using it the way it’s meant to be. I believe it’s because her magic isn’t meant for fighting, it’s meant for protecting and maybe healing

  • Zzel

    hahah and then the kingdom will be under attack hahaha

    • Calamity777

      No need for spoilers

  • Louis

    The end was so nice !

  • Sev

    i just nutted

  • Zantetsuken FSN

    Starting to like Asta and i usually hate MC’s do to being plot armored but he has what i like to call the ability to stand up for oneself. its very alluring so i officially like him.

    • Haydrion Brewster

      Yeah. He’s a piece of work I actually love. I didn’t see him not having magic as something appealing but the way they made his anti-magic not overpowered but outstanding is awesome plus he doesn’t care about peasant/noble rivalry.

      • Zantetsuken FSN

        I agree and hope they don’t ruin the build up later with lazy PIS writing.

  • Calamity777

    Next episode is gonna be lit.

  • DBZ Sama

    I can’t wait til Asta gets his demon form I think they had a name for it maybe but ol well demon form sounds cool

  • natsu blackman

    oh boy

  • Desmond Blanka


  • Lolboar

    Asta for president
    #Make magic great again

  • Darius Tykal

    damn i love the new opening and same song

    • Darius Tykal

      so pumped for more

  • Jakub Hloušek

    Asta nice talk man, now is when the fun begins ! 🙂

  • Jolaire Sebastian Villanueva

    damn, its getting good

  • Martyn-sama

    Amazing end <3

  • Pure Shqiptar

    Oh now suddenly people like Asta ? I swear the human race is just a bunch of sheep, crying all day in the comment section how lame and annoying asta is but all of a sudden you like him because you are to weak to see beyond that.

    • お前はもう死んでいる

      I liked Asta day 1 because of his determination to be The Wizard King. 🙂

    • A_Daily_Fuck_Was_Given

      Or, there was specifically something in this episode which FINALLY GAVE people something to like about him, and now they see the merit and actually like him.

      Honestly, this show is horribly produced (the manga is better… but I’m willing to give them time to perfect it) and, honestly, viewers haven’t really seen much character development (especially for Asta), and I (as well an many others, I assure you) have considered dropping this series due to the over-extended pace and many other factors.

      This episode has the same shitty flaws (spend too much time on useless things which don’t add anything to the story), kind of lazy and budget-cut animation at times, and over-emphasis on the same comedic relief. However, this episode has been significantly better– we finally see an (actual) interaction between the Wizard King and the brothers (even though that was slightly underwhelming, we still got a lot (more than usual) out of it).

      In addition, up to this point, all we’ve seen of Asta was:
      – Annoying screaming voice. Always. (but hey, we get used to it by episode 20, I suppose)
      – Never gives up! Same shounen-main-character trope
      – Has no magic. Mucho unique.

      In this episode however, we SEE Asta standing up for all these other people, we SEE a very clear conflict and character-building point. We see Asta going from ‘oh people are picking me, oh well’ to ‘YOU FCK WITH MY BUDDIES< YOU FCK WITH ME ASHFSAA'. We get some MINOR explanation/exposition about Asta's 'anti-magic' powers (or lack of powers). This (and the last couple of episodes) have been pivotal in fleshing out Asta, in my opinion. The writing pre-dungeon arc has been pretty lazy (they were suffering too much b/c they were shoving the 'shounen-formula' on this series (which didn't really work too well)) in my opinion, and they're finally picking it up, I think.

      Asta HAS Been lame and annoying pretty much until the last couple of episodes. Opinions can change, and not just because people are 'sheep'. Sure, some, but many of us probably intrinsically enjoyed the change and development + the promise of satisfying conflict. E.g. many people enjoy chocolate, but that many people enjoy not because it's 'a fad' to enjoy chocolate, but because we enjoy the taste. Many people enjoyed the taste of Asta's change in character this episode, so they're just expressing it more now.

      Stop assuming everyone is a sheep, but hey; since you're assuming that about everyone, how about I take the liberty to assume you're some cynical little fuck who jumps on anything for the opportunity to bring down the rest of humanity in an attempt to feel superior? 🙂
      I suggest better ways to make yourself feel better! Take up art or writing or something you enjoy and is positive.

      (p.s. your actual opinion IS valid, but the way you decided to express it gives me ample ammunition to roast 🙂 )

      ~Enjoy the rest of the series and remember to try not to be a shitty human being to others!

      • Lohitaksh Trehan

        that was some awesome content, i read it full, nice

    • Mia

      I still don’t like him. His character is one dimensional, boring, and annoying. There’s nothing relatable about him, he’s practically not human. A clone of Luffy/Naruto/Natsu all of whom I hate. Well dislike.

    • Abdulla Ali

      I know right but I loved him from episode 1

  • Aj Alvarez

    Omg so dope

  • Pelennor

    Ending was really nice yes.

  • Maria

    hey guys i think this is the best anime i ever watched everythings perfect except asta voice XD and my opinion is king is asta father and cant wait for astaXnoelle

  • Anthonette Mae Magalso

    Go go go Asta!!! ^_^

  • Jaycob Aldea

    This is going to be better than Naruto Shippuden does anybody else agree??

  • お前はもう死んでいる

    Best episode yet.. Asta tell them your better!!

  • Quam Oluwole

    Asta is the best

  • Anand Kumar Chiluka


  • Lit ayye


  • Jasmine Dupree

    William yumi are those the boys real names if he knows something about them I wish he would tell