Black Clover Episode 3 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 3 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 3 Subbed
Episode Title – “To the Royal Capital of the Clover Kingdom!”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – Asta and Yuno spend six months training for the upcoming Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Everyone seems to think Yuno is sure to pass, but worries Asta is just wasting his time.

  • Full Cowl MIdoriya

    Fist omg <3

  • Ivan Jamal

    Faburus desu~

  • אופק משולם

    Lol asta still sounds like one of itachis autistic crows but this time it dosent sound like the crow is about to die so im happy

  • blooeeh

    the next episode will be exciting 😀 !!

  • potatoooo

    sugoii sugoiiii!!

  • Colorless Oz

    I GOT IT!
    Asta is Hinata and Yuno is Kageyama!! I knew they were familiar to another duo. and if you don’t believe me the scene at 9:16 – 9:40 is the same that Kinata and Kageyama do twice in the anime.

  • Calamity777


  • Ali Can Uçar

    Every shit looks like it came from naruto. They are like sasuke and naruto. The guy has demonic powers like naruto ffs

    • Marcus Hanz


    • βαγγελης Καρα

      its logical they are the producers of naruto and bleach and now make blackclover

    • JC

      Most shounen are structured this way, not just Naruto or anything else. Naruto was just the most popular of the bunch. It’s stories for young kids to get inspired and feel like they can take on the world even if they aren’t blessed with as much as some of their friends/neighbors. Chill it’s not that serious.

      If you want a Shounen that’s more creative and better structured, either go read HxH like the rest of us or make your own.

      • Ali Can Uçar

        So you are telling me that If i want something creative only way to achieve is creating by myself ? or watch HXH ? So no other way? So you are suggesting that all of shounen series are full of uncreative creators?

        Also you saying that Naruto is for young kids? How exactly have you acquired this information? Did you talk with the creators of Naruto? There are a lot of people who watched naruto around age 25-35 and literally an era grew up with who are probably a lot older than you right now.(By reading the logic of your arguments i just took a wild guess)

        All your arguments are literally bullshit and it’s not an execuse to copy and paste the same show with different characters just because you are creator of a million dollar manga.

        • Chris

          holy shit. take it down a notch its just one show.

        • Wh1sper

          yo take a chill pill

        • LazyIbro

          Totally agree with you man but it’s a lost cause complaining about it. Shounen Anime fans be rabid and you wont change the trope-soaked minds. People will literrally defend any anime no matter how…Terraformers it is. Again this anime for children, so any arguments you have about it will most likely be with someone who still has a bedtime.

          The copy/paste thing is lazy and TRUE but everyone does it. Like lord of the rings, Naruto is a staple from which other author’s/producers take guidelines from. Like a manual of stuff you know that works. It’s the same with xanxia, wuxia chinese novels, if something works then they copy and paste. And why not. It’s a business and these guys aren’t doing this for just your pleasure alone. they arn’t going to take massive story/plot risks in an anime obviously meant for kids (e.g everything is cute or cute-like, the magic system is super neat and easy to understand from episode one.), who will literally watch anything with a character that shoots fire or has a big sword. Especially for shounen, it’s almost like they dumb anime down whatever they copy it from for the kids who find still pictures and reading…..difficult.

          This is standard shouneen mainstream, meant to target younger audiences.

          People talk too much about MC’s being op and not op as deciding factor in watching something. But it’s usually just used as a not so subtle way to give the audience the feeling of progression, though if you notice shounen characters, alhought they progress in power, their characters themselves don’t really change that much. They just do a lot of lips service, make up some bull mental obstacle they have to overcome, then cry about it and power up in time to defeat the baddie.

          I feel like slapping that asta kid evertime he says “never give up” or
          something along those lines but I still watch because I am bored and instead of revising for 7 exams i am here, writing this……If you’re like me, like me you’ve
          probably outgrown shounen, and might need to get you priorities in order.

    • ThisBanter Kid


    • Wh1sper

      true though

    • John David Sarmiento

      Well, this is anime based on the manga, and your points is true in the start at least. I think this style was supposed to be a strategy to attract long-time shounen anime fans watch this show, but in my opinion is a bit ineffective. I follow the manga, and I found a distaste in the choice of which themes the anime version emphasised (based on the current visuals and time lengths of certain scenes)

      I just hope that the director would give more emphasis on the subtle themes in the manga like the “bullying Asta parts” (like it should be more hurtful and discouraging) and make the people personally “feel” the discrimination between nobles and peasants… I guess the way the anime started seem to not build up this idea in this particular setting to its audience… (the hype was real, but the start came off as a bit weak). This is my opinion on the anime version though.

      For it to be better, the anime should make the audience see beyond the protagonist, and give a few episodes that explains the norms in “Asta’s world”, which I guess the director would only do after a certain amount of episodes when people get a bit attached to the protagonist already (I hope it would occur soon though).

      Though I want to tell you more about how different Asta is as a protagonist than Naruto, I don’t wanna spoil anything.

      I encourage you though to just hold on to the story line; I bet you’d see some changes after a couple of episodes (as the first volumes of this manga were a bit mainstream type stories)… the manga improved along the way too. I don’t want to claim that the anime would be good, but I am willing to wait for the next episodes before deciding if its worth the wait or not. Let’s see if Black Clover would live up to its hype.

    • dumb fuck

      Everyone compares it to naruto which i can see why but there are tons if rivals in every single anime, some rivals even help each other out against a tough opponent, all main characters start out weak in action anime, unless its a gun anime and they grow stronger when they fight a tougher opponent or someone they can’t beat. Don’t believe me? I can list tons of anime that rivals team up/are weak (besides naruto obviously)
      My hero academia, dragon ball super(like EVERY villain ever besides the non canon GT and dr gero),gurren lagan, ajin… must i say more?
      Same with demonic powers theres bleach,ajin(again), seven deadly sins, and more. Im done

  • omfg Yuno and Asta are so adorable lol

  • Crystal Kira

    “You handsome jerk”. Is that even an insult?

  • Alar

    Omg i can’t stand Asta’s voice, can you please mute that shit?

  • StarryEyedEm

    *cries* i really want to enjoy this anime but asta’s voice is killing me xD also lowkey wishing that yuno was the mc he’s such a sweetie ;o; plus he’s more chill

  • no bot

    Wizard king : And now i use the magic card SWORDS OF REVEALING LIGHT

  • Snake