Black Clover Episode 5 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 5 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 5 Subbed
Episode Title – “”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary –

  • Jovin Anunciado Borja

    Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh faster faster faster Hahahahahahhahahahahah
    I can’t waitttttttttt !

    • Steven Fabian

      FOR REALL lmaoo i want to see the reactions to that beat down XD

      • blooeeh

        ikr! me2 !!!fghf

      • Jovin Anunciado Borja

        i think we have the same brain hahahahahahahahahhaha.
        The reactions makes me feel crazy !

  • Heath Cliff


  • blooeeh

    Lets gooo

  • blooeeh

    Did anyone notice that a bird stalks asta everytime?

    • Regienald Mojica Villa

      cause he’s got no magic

    • Jovin Anunciado Borja

      ni I never noticed

    • lmao yes

    • Ryan

      ive read the manga up until the most recent one and that bird is awesome, trust me, you will love him. he was even voted top 5 in the cast by the fans when they did a poll and released the results in 1 of the mangas. xD

    • Ryan Maxwell

      that birds something else i recon, you look at it, it has two demonic Tails on it and its always with him, and its fat who knows maybe its eating astas secretly hidden magical power lol, and plus its always watching him even when he was training in the forest in their home town.

      • john pham

        I don’t think that bird is eating his magic power he has no powers to begin with and in the manga that sword can be wield by anyone that has magic power

      • H.G.BBasketball

        That eating his magical power theory is amazing I love it I hope he can regain it some way

  • God Serena


    • kevon steer

      Yeah it annoying af

    • it makes me cringe lmao

      • God Serena

        cringe is somewhat bearable.. XD but Asta is just *annoying* damnit..

    • Archie

      Yes it is. I think we’ll get used to it soon.

    • JoRr

      The dubs are really good, alot less shouting.

      • God Serena

        but they cum out later.. -_-

        • JoRr

          yea.. i mean theres 2 episodes out with dub,but icouldnt wait either. Im just going to watch the sub and dub.

          • God Serena

            better : stick with the manga

  • God Serena

    was really looking foward to Ynuo’s match.. but they kinda ignored that fight.. :3

    • it was just cause yuno was too good lol

      • God Serena

        still.. they could have put in a bit more effort in the animation..

  • Jovin Anunciado Borja


  • Jovin Anunciado Borja

    when will be the next episode ?

  • ahhhh I cant wait to see the all the black bulls animated

  • w. stelz

    when the next episode comes out will it become ecchi because of the witch

  • Archie

    I haven’t been excited for a new episode of ANY anime in so long…. i like this feeling.

  • t.w. “Dumbass Kyōdai” C.

    I love my baby Asta’s screaming lol, i imagined it just like this in the manga

  • Lindo Spheh Mshengu MfanaKaskh

    Can not for more man 👨 this one gonna be it

  • dumb fuck

    I love how every idiot doesn’t acknowledge the prodigy kid that’s a “boonie”

  • Dylan Cole

    His voice is annoying, but not the kind you get tired of hearing like a soothing annoying screech…