Black Clover Episode 7 Subbed

Black Clover Episode 7 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Black Clover Episode 7 Subbed
Episode Title – “The Other New Recruit”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – As a new member of the Black Bulls, Asta is thrilled to receive his very first private room, even though it’s tiny. Everything Asta sees as Magna shows him around the squad’s base is new and exciting to him.



  • Wolfy

    i dont know why im still watching its his voice D; i love everything else

  • God Serena

    am I late.? no.? O_o

    • BloodieWolfie

      smh yes

  • Frank Anthony Floreta

    ive already read its manga but wtf asta your voice plss retard bad spirit voice or stop yelling!

  • Jack Spade

    sasuga a new voice actor. he only has one yell. hope he develops more skills

    • BloodieWolfie

      talking like a normal person perhaps

      • speedrush27

        hes sticking the character in the manga who yells alot

        • BloodieWolfie

          ive read the manga lol, so ik. but like when youre reading you cant hear it, so in the anime him yelling almost everytime he talks is really annoying…

          • speedrush27

            Somehow it doesn’t annoy me at all lol

          • BloodieWolfie

            wtf xD. it makes me wince everytime he yells lol

          • Gaming guru

            turn your sound down real low and maybe you wont hear him

          • BloodieWolfie

            yes but I wont hear any of the other characters lol. i like all the other voices

          • WolfAShadeOfSmoke

            Yeah, I honestly don’t mind the yelling. His voice doesn’t bother me at all either. People complaining about it so much kinda annoys me too.

  • ReasoN
  • Gensai

    lmao his voice is so humorous
    idk why does he get all the hate xD
    I guess ppl find it annoying

    • Wolfy


    • Kenyanguyhere

      exactly my thoughts

    • iyandre

      it can only be humorous so many times. the first couple of times it was like “lol haha so funny” but when he’s yelling in every single episode for no reason it gets extremely annoying.

  • BloodieWolfie

    I was honestly dying when Magna opened the door to Yami on the toilet xD and Magna’s face LOL
    they portrayed Noelle pretty well with this. I liked it. tho in some spots the art bothers me but ah well lol. especially with yuno, idk he just looks kinda weird sometimes. it might just be me.

  • Ali Can Uçar

    Video Starts at 3:50.

  • Kenyanguyhere

    Why is everyone hating on Astas voice?

  • Archie

    love this anime

  • DBZ Sama

    yeah dis a man who has no mana and yet still can become a magic knight and has the a fucking 5 leaf clover book (lol I for got the name of what they really called) that no one has ever seen and can beat people with no magic but only with a sword, if this was real I would be scared of someone who has no mana and can summon and big ass sword from a book no ones ever seen before XD

  • just me

    I love Asta!
    His personality is so admiring

  • just me

    I knew it!!! i knew it!!
    from the moment i saw her in the intro song that she’s gonna like Asta !!

    • BloodieWolfie

      good job. her liking for him just grows much more as it goes on lol

  • just me

    Damnnn… it ended T-T
    I’m so excited for the next episode !

  • YoungDarth19

    gotta love BC endings

  • Eren

    this “mana” thing in this anime reminds me of money status in our world. Noelle hesitated when she met Asta because she sensed no mana from him. like the people’s attitude towards money in social environment.

  • Hammer

    This is Asta. He is loud AF, but he is a good guy.