Black Clover Ova 1 Subbed

Black Clover Ova 1 Subbed

=======>Black Clover Ova Episode 1 Subbed is Online<=======

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  • Donaven Alvarez

    Lit as fuck bro

  • Zuupiq West


  • Akane’s Inner Thoughts

    Im lit!!!!

  • 전 세라

    omfg. im speechless

  • Shane Arnold

    anime is gay as fuck and total garbage. legit only a few animes worth watchign the rest just make non anime watchers think you’re all a bunch of cartoon watching fags

    • Zangetsu Tensa

      I dont know what you’re talking about but you seems gay.

    • MrEvil Zackki

      why are you even here? lol

    • zuh

      dumb idiot. only wants attention. go to hell.

    • mechie

      But u look like u get no bitches

  • Nichole Duncan

    Don’t hate on me, but its kinda like Naruto but with magic instead of ninjas. It is good, I will read the manga but it’s the 1st thing that came to my mind XD.

    • Steven Fabian

      i said the same shit lmaoooooo Magic emperor? hokage. the amount of leafs reminded me of the tail beasts lol

  • Chao Duckie

    damn this is good

  • samantha solorio

    Amazing 😀😄

  • The Great Salemun

    They should really add a “next episode” button. >_<

  • The Great Salemun

    lol they used edited star wars and naruto sounds, doesn’t seem bad tho.